Organic Farm

Permaculture farm

Rédouane Saloul and Isabelle Desplats, co-founders of the Vailhauquès ecodomain, a magnificent place. This place is amazing for its calm and beauty. Its geographical location is ideal and allows it to:

  • Organic market gardening
  • The arboriculture
  • Construction (greenhouses and bioclimatic ecological buildings), with a priority given to self-construction
  • Modes of distribution (based on trust) and proximity (local partnerships, short circuits)

The farm is located over an area of 19 acres combining valleys and wooded hills and is cultivated by permaculture. It is bordered by two rivers, the most important of which is the Mosson River.

Place of production

In this farm, they do almost everything: Agriculture (fruit and vegetables), arboriculture, poultry, beekeeping, processing workshop for farm products (juice, soups, jams, coulis, compotes,…)

Pedagogical vocation

Some internships take place there, the project being to organize training courses in organic market gardening and agro-ecology combining practical field experience and theory. Internships in relational ecology are also organized.

Future wooden-straw-land constructions will be the opportunity to organize participatory workcamps to discover eco-construction and self-construction through practice.

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