Organic Farm

Plaine de vie
Ferme associative

Beautiful associative project which aims to develop activities centred on a “territory of life”, around questions of solidarity, social link and ecological maintenance of the landscape heritage. Through its mission of integration through economic activity, Plaine de Vie, by creating jobs, is part of the fight against unemployment.

The proposed Nature works offer a privileged support for the acquisition or re-acquisition by employees of habits and benchmarks specific to the world of work: assiduity, respect for schedules and colleagues, care in the execution of tasks, concern for quality, sense of initiative to facilitate their return to the job market.

The challenge is also to create a close social link between the people involved: gardeners, market gardeners, neighbours, professional sector, etc. The association also offers workshops, training and various activities.

They produce seasonal vegetables, grown on two agricultural lands in Ezanville and Saint-Brice, certified AB (Organic Agriculture) by Ecocert.

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