Oummi Cantine Bio & Ethique
Organic & Ethic Canteen, Grocery

Oui Canteen.. it’s clear… it is a canteen… a friendly place with a friendly atmosphere, but also a grocery with many organic & ethical delicatessen!!!!

In the grocery store, there are a lot of organic products that you could eat in the canteen and/or take away. You can find amazing organic coffee, organic tea, organic jams, organic honey, organic biscuits, organic chocolates, organic dried fruit, organic oils, etc…

In the restaurant side, the choice is very simple: 2 starters, 2 main courses, and a few desserts.The menus are simple, organized according to the products available in an organic cooperative in the Paris region. They change the dishes every 2 or 3 days.

You can eat there at almost any time of the day: In the morning, they serve breakfast (hot drinks, fresh juice minutes, pastries, sweet bowls, etc….). At lunchtime, they propose soups, salads, bowls, wraps, spreads depending on the arrivals and some homemade desserts (special cakes, cookies, fruit salads…). In the afternoon, the canteen becomes a tea room with hot drinks, fresh juice, pastries, cookies, etc. In the evenings, possibility to take the dinner on Fridays and Saturdays (only). During the weekend, it is also possible to have a brunch!

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