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Organic Food & Café Sheikh Zayed
Organic supermarkets & cafés

Organic Foods and Café is a family business that operates organic supermarkets and coffees that sell fresh organic and biodynamic foods, supplements, skin care, cosmetics, baby items and household cleaning products.

8,500 references of carefully selected fresh organic products from all over the world, including France, Germany, South Africa and Italy. You will also find local products.

The catering offers you its salads, condiments, light and healthy dishes made with meat or fish in family portions or not.

The fruit and vegetable zone, with a very wide choice of products. Admittedly, many import products, but the Emirates now offer more and more local products.

The bakery, with its wide choice of organic bread and pastries.

The cosmetics zone, with these organic products, many essential oils, body and hair care oils.

The Organic Café to eat on site after shopping or for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Several stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi….

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100% Organic
Free wifi
Some homemade products
Some local products
Some organic products