Organic Farm

Maison Gaillard
Organic Fruits

Maison Gaillard it’s around twenty hectares exclusively devoted to traditional fruit growing in the region, mainly pears, apples, raspberries, strawberries, cherries and plums. The farm has decided for a few years to turn to organic farming (with the exception of strawberries), which are still grown in potting soil, all production is now labelled.

You can go there with a large basket to fill with all the available fruits, but also vegetables (supplied by a market gardener from Flins-sur-Seine), eggs (from the farm of Les Buturreries), honey (produced in the apiaries of Vaucouleurs in Septeuil), dairy products (from the experimental farm of Thiverval-Grignon), cheese (from the farm of La Tremblay) and many other local delicacies… Lovers of good products, you’re wise now! To find the so-called (rightly) gourmet shop, all you have to do is go back, and it’s at the end, on the right.

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