Eco Lodge

L’îlot des Combes
Nature lodge, agroecologic centre

L’îlot des Combes is a resourceful place, a place of initiation around agroecology, located in Le Creusot (Burgundy). This agro-ecological centre combines a permaculture microfarm, a shared space and a nature lodge.

L’îlot des Combes invites you to come and immerse yourself in the heart of a micro-farm that operates on a permaculture basis. Come and discover another way to consume, cultivate and manage your waste. You will be able to resource yourself in a calm environment, in contact with the earth, animals and plants. The landscapes and the place are also conducive to calm and meditation.

L’îlot des Combes also wishes to support citizens towards autonomy and offers throughout the year internships and training courses on topics related to permaculture, cooking, well-being,…

Major volunteers are welcome without age or skill restrictions. The diversity of the work allows everyone to find their place for construction or landscaping, but also to help with cooking and stewardship (cleaning, shopping, laundry…) which are equally important posts on which the proper functioning of the life of the place depends.

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