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Green Village Casa Californie
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Green Village, the first Moroccan franchise in organic farming. “Green Village” organic markets cover an area of approximately 300 m² and offer more than 4000 products, almost all of which are certified organic.

The percentage of 1/3 of local Moroccan organic products is growing strongly, resulting from local production: fresh products from agricultural and livestock farms, local products, processed products. “Green Village” has two product lines of its own at the moment: Alvena products, OumHani processed products, made from grandmother’s recipes. In the fruit and vegetable departments, the “Green Village” brand offers a very wide variety of freshly harvested vegetables and fruit from various regions of Morocco.

The imported products come from the largest European, French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, North and South American distributors, and allow us to offer the most famous and most popular ranges in organic stores around the world, and are in line with the global standards of organic specialty stores.

The very wide choice of “Green Village” products with large organic grocery shelves includes quinoa pasta, spelt, plain rice drinks, plain soya, lactose-free spreads, fruit juices, salts, sugars… There are also many dietetic products, without added sugar, lactose free, gluten free. Organic product ranges reserved for babies and children are available.

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