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Akermane Farm
Biodynamic farm

Akemrane is a biodynamic farm in south Morocco, between the cities Agadir and Taroudant. 79 acres of citrus, fruit trees, a large vegetable garden, a pond, all fully grown in compliance with the rules of organic and biodynamic farming.

Livestock of sheep, cattle and poultry provide the manure necessary for the fertilization of different crops, and by their production of milk, eggs and meat, … In short, nothing is missing.

The farm also has a huge well-equipped kitchen, where there are produced: processed vegetables, tomato sauce, jams, compotes, cheeses, etc.

A set of services of different compositions is available for delivery in Taroudant, Agadir and Marrakech. You can come directly in the farm and buy your fruits and vegetables.

Biodiversity, respect for nature and a healthy diet are the principles that inspire the activities of this farm, principles that Marco likes to share during lunches and visits to the farm with friends who come to stock up.

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