Organic Farm

Vergers de Cossigny
Organic Vegetables & Cereals

The Orchards of Cossigny extend over 67 hectares on the plains of Seine-et-Marne (Paris Suburbs). Jacques Frings is a fervent organic farmer, who has selected some of the least fragile varieties of fruit and vegetables: potatoes, radishes, celery, courgettes, beans, blueberries and salads, apples and pears, eggs, oats, soft wheat, barley, alfalfa, fruit, small red fruits, healthy potatoes and rarer vegetables such as parsnips and pumpkins, to name only a few.

Cereal cultivation is practised on 40 hectares of the farm, with short circuits also being highlighted. Thus, there is a Grocery on the farm, partly supplied by the production of the farm fresh out of the ground.

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